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10 Myths of Entrepreneurship

Amongst the many myths of entrepreneurship, the most jarring is the existential question:

Am I really an entrepreneur? 

This is the self-doubt that almost every entrepreneur faces at some point. The reasons for this self-doubt are many, and include the hero status that some entrepreneurs have. In the face of outstanding success by these entrepreneurs we wonder whether we have the insight, determination, product and skills to build what we dream. The narrative is intended to empower, but may have the opposite result.

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Links No.2 – Startup Culture, Startup Structure

The last few weeks have been one of reflection as I worked through my many ideas, and reflected on the end of seven years being self employed. The guideline over this period was simple – do not end start 2014, the same way you ended 2013. The goal was deliberately vague but got more concrete as I went along. The articles below were helpful during this process, and I hope you will find something of value as you start the year, and hopefully start that idea that been lingering in your heart.

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GCI - South Africa Competitiveness Index (Zapreneur)

Global Competitiveness Index South Africa – Whose reality counts for small business?

“Global Competitiveness Index South Africa” is a common heading on slides discussing economic policy in South Africa.The data from the Global Competitive Index by the World Economic Forum plays a very important role in South Africa because it is seemingly reputable and rigorous. Motivations for several policy initiatives, in fact,  are directly substantiated by our rankings in the this international league table. The data is however derived from both national surveys (such as those conducted by Stats SA), but also includes a set of questions posed to business leaders. The questions related to perception of business leaders in South Africa (a handful actually) leaves me wondering why my reality is so different from theirs. I found the responses to issues related small business , extremely worrying, as the respondents to the survey share a world very different from that of a startup like Zapreneur.

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