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  • Presentation – Government’s Role in Supporting Small Business

    Presentation on government’s role in small business and entrepreneurship.

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  • BRICS – Total Entrepreneurial Activity

    Brics - Entrepreneurial activity bubble map

    The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) provides a basis for comparing entrepreneurial activity, aspirations and intentions globally. The chart below shows the Total early-stage Entrepreneurial Activity (TEA). TEA is defined as

    TEA = Percentage of 18-64 population who are either a nascent entrepreneur or owner-manager of a new business

    The data shows that there is a gap between South Africa which is has moderate economic growth, and Brazil, India and China which have significantly higher economic growth rates in terms of Total Entrepreneurial Activity. (Curiously, Russia has high growth rates but low TEA rate). The data however suggests that South Africa may be catching up, with these high growth countries.

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  • SMME Opportunities 27/01/2012

    Opportunities for small businesses

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  • SMME Opportunities 20/01/2012

    Opportunities for small businesses in South Africa 20 Jan 2012

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  • Jobs Fund Update from the MTBPS

    Short update on the Jobs Fund from the MTBPS

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  • Is Tim Ferris killing Main Street? Reviewing the Four Hour Workweek

    Book Cover - 4 Hour Workweek on ZapreneurTim Ferris weaves a mixture of a self-promotional story and business strategies with the promise of working four hours a week. He counterpoises the four-hour workweek, with the forty hour workweek. In so doing, he unwittingly raises the question – Can entrepreneurial activity still contribute to economic growth and job creation?

    The American distinction between Main Street (representing small business) and Wall Street (representing financiers and investors) offers a way to understand this question. It is a theme being played out in the Occupy Wall street, with many local campaigns being undertaken. In the wake of the financial crises, we have justifiably criticised Wall Street for making easy money, for trading nothing (i.e. paper) and for screwing up the world. Main Street in turn is the saviour, the engine of innovation and job creation. Yet, it is possible to create businesses that mimic the worst traits of Wall Street – no jobs, no real products, and no innovation – and dress it up as Main Street. This is my reading of The Four Hour Workweek – a manifesto to create personal gains, without the multipliers (e.g. economic growth, job creation) associated with small business.

    Tim Ferris provides the scope for his book as follows:

    “The vast majority of people will never find a job that can be an unending source of fulfillment, so that is not the goal here; to free time and automate income is.”

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  • Chart – Women and men as employers and employees in South Africa

    zapreneur chart on male and female employment

    Male and female employment in South Africa using 2011 2nd Quarter Labour Force Survey data.

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