503 000 Youth Entrepreneurs in South Africa

This post provides an extract from the recently released The Social Profile of Youth, 2009-2014 on youth entrepreneurship, released by Stats SA. The report starts out by presenting a table, indicating that in 2014, 543 000 youth could be described as entrepreneurs as shown in the table below:

The report continues as follows:

In 2014, about 2 million employed persons in the country were classified as entrepreneurs, 543 000 of which were youth between the ages of 15–34 years (Table 5.2). Entrepreneurs in this report are defined as employers or the self‐employed. Figure 5.3 below reveals that the total share of young entrepreneurs declined by 2,6 percentage points between 2009 and 2014. A noticeable decline was observed amongst young females (down by 6,2 percentage points) as opposed to their male counterparts who recorded a drop of less than a percentage point (0,9). Figure 5.4 on the other hand reveals that more than 83% of young entrepreneurs are between the ages of 25 and 34 years. Moreover, the proportion of young entrepreneurs in this age bracket increased by 2,5 percentage points over the reference period (2009 and 2014).


The full report can be accessed from Stats SA at this link. Click here. 
(Editors Note – I am simply presenting the data as Stats SA does, and presentation does not imply an endorsement of the methodology or results). 

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