702 and Cape Talk Business Accelerator

The Business Accelerator with radio station 702 is back.  This year the organisers companies that demonstrate innovation and / or  are able to create employment or improve skills for employees.   The value of being profiled on 702 or Cape Talk can have a huge imapct. Pavlo Phitidis says it all in a recent Twitter exchange I had with him.

Act quickly because as Pavlo Phitidis says when I asked about a closing date:


The criteria for entry are as follows:


You know that you’ve got what it takes for Business Accelerator.
But just to make sure, please read through the criteria to ensure we’re all on the same page.


Your business must be a registered CC or Pty.


Your business must have been trading for a minimum of 24 months or more.


If your business is not growing, you are declining. Growth is the ultimate evidence that you are meeting the needs of a customer in a way that competitors aren’t.
If you believe that your business has great opportunity ahead of it and you need some support to make it happen, this campaign is relevant to you. Imagine hundreds of thousands of people made up of the consumers, businesses and government that you sell to everyday hearing about what you have to offer.
Being profiled on this radio station will change the course of your business into the future!



What do you do differently? Innovation speaks to what is special about your business and how it sets you apart from your competitors. It speaks to what your customers see as valuable in your product or service.


What are the prospects of job creation in your business on one of two levels? Either that you will be able to generate many jobs going forward and/or that you will generate excellent skills in your employees going forward.

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