About ZApreneur

ZApreneur helps entrepreneurs in South Africa to start and run their businesses. We have been doing this 2011. In 2019, our actions are aimed at making a disruptive difference.  Big words, we know – but the technology provided by the Internet offers us a opportunity to make such a change. We are on that journey.  

What ZApreneur does?

ZApreneur works in two major areas:

  1. Public policy: Over 2017 and 2018, ZApreneur has played a role in the development of public policy on small business and entrepreneurship. 
  2. Connecting entrepreneurs with markets and opportunities: ZApreneur provides information on events and opportunities in South African entrepreneurial ecosystem. In 2019, we hoping to provide a more robust platform for entrepreneurs to connect with markets.


ZApreneur was started by Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen. Ebrahim-Khalil is an entrepreneur and public policy analyst. You can learn more about him on his personal website.

Enough of the third person:

Hi and welcome,

ZApreneur has been online since 2011.

When starting out ZApreneur was an attempt to tackle the full gambit of social and economic issues facing South Africa. Over the years, the focus has become more focused – on small businesses and entrepreneurs. This wonderful experience has meant I have spoken to literally hundreds of entrepreneurs, and failed and succeeded with each of these businesses.

The focus is now even narrower – not just small business, but small online businesses. This is where we hope to make a significant difference. The potential excites me, as does the possibility of providing a space that supports smaller companies.

I hope you join us on this adventure.

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