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Imagine having free access to training by Steve Blank, Neil Patel, Hiten Shah, Kim Malone Scott, and Matt Mullenweg? Zana is a free startup university for entrepreneurs. Recently, it has been acquired by boasts over 1 million startups on their platform, and Zana offers 600 quality, in depth interviews.
Here are some highlights in the course offerings:

  • Growth from User Zero:  Morgan Brown, growth expert and head of growth for shares insider tricks on how to get the early traction you need.
  • Content marketingNeil Patel teaches you in ten lessons about content marketing, covering SEO, content writing and branding.
  • Building a unicorn: Matt Mullenwag, founder of Automattic and WordPress, tells a story of two, and it is definately worth reading.

The vision behind ZANA, is captured by Wil Schroter, Founder at

Being a startup is no longer about being a venture-backed tech company; it’s about growth. Nowadays everyone leverages tech, whether it’s a yoga studio selling class passes online or a restaurant doing its customer acquisition through social channels.
The future of startup culture isn’t about a limited number of “tech unicorn” companies in a single industry—it’s about a global population of aspiring entrepreneurs in every industry, leveraging technology to change the face of growth and success.
We think of this generation as the “New Entrepreneur”—someone who is tech-savvy, growth-focused and spans all industries from tech to retail to consumer products. 2015 has been a banner year for this generation and the companies that support them like Shopify and Square who have both had multi-billion dollar IPOs this year.

It is a vision that intrigues us at ZApreneur, and one that hopefully supports your business. ZANA can help you with the 10 step programmes in many areas of your business.
A word of warning, this training stuff can be a little addictive. So remember, that consistent action everyday in your business is the best learning that you can get about your business. The experts at ZANA can help you along the way.

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