How Important Is It Really To Produce Content For Your Website?

 Just how important is it to produce fresh content for your website on a regular basis? It’s not just important, ladies and gents, it’s essential. Getting the perfect website designed by a web design company doesn’t mean much without perfectly written content. You have probably heard this a million times before, but we’re going to say it again: content is king! If you’re wondering why your website isn’t working for you, it’s probably because you’re not working for it. Simply having a website isn’t enough anymore. Having a website requires constant input. You will need to create informative, helpful and keyword-rich content to ensure that your website remains relevant and search engine friendly. You can have the flashiest website with all the bells and whistles and still have to deal with the frustration of your competitors ranking ahead of you in an online search result, if you have stale content. Ranking number one in an online search result with leading search engines such as Google, is the coveted prize for all online marketers.
Below are a few reasons why you should regularly update your website with fresh content:

  • A website that is frequently updated with articles, blog posts, video clips and similar, will be frequently indexed, which immediately improves your chances of ranking higher in a search engine result. Of course your content should be relevant, interesting and helpful to the reader.
  • More keyword rich content means you strike it rich with leading search engine’s algorithm charts. Of course keywords aren’t all that a search engine is looking for anymore. If you simply have pages and pages of keywords, your website is going to be viewed negatively and will most certainly lose its potential for a good ranking.
  • You can position yourself as an industry authority by posting helpful articles and guides on your products / services. “How to” articles are great for this, as are guides on how to use your products more efficiently and effectively. Providing your consumers with good quality content will also earn loyalty from your target audience.

What exactly makes content great? How do you know if your articles and posts are going to work for your website and get your business marketing to where it needs to be?
Below are a few tips on how to create great content:

  • Always be original. Never reproduce someone else’s content or copy and paste something else that you find online.
  • Your content headlines should grab attention and your content should keep it. Create strong headlines and use your keywords / key phrase in them.
  • Spur on action. What’s the point of a good article or blog post if the consumer doesn’t know what the next step is? Always include a call to action and make sure that it is clear / obvious. Instruct the consumer to email you, click through to your Facebook page or download a new article.
  • Get visual. Images are interesting. As humans, we are attracted to what looks good and that’s why images help to sell products so well online. If you are worried that you can’t take great pictures, don’t be. There are plenty of free online image resources that you can use.
  • Skip the waffling. No one wants to read pages and pages of content that end up being a yawn a minute. Keep the content interesting and concise.
  • Be thorough in your content and link all of your online platforms. What’s the point in having a website with great content that points your consumers to your Facebook page, LinkedIn page or Twitter page, and none of these pages have more content. Ensure that all of your profiles are properly filled out and that where the opportunity exists, updates and posts filled with fresh and interesting content are made regularly.
  • Make sure that your content is well written and presented neatly. Break up content into sections or paragraphs with powerful headings to ensure that you don’t lose your readers along the way. ghsggsgs

Is your website ranking on the first page of Google? If not, what are you waiting for! The time to start creating fresh and interesting content is now!
Article by Gert Hattingh from web design company, One Click Here.

Featured image courtesy of  Guudmorning!

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