Maths Performance in Detail

The table below provides data on Maths performance during the 2012 Annual National Assessment undertaken by the Department of Education.

EC Grade 331.916.616.615.410.35.93.3
EC Grade 668.813.
EC Grade 988.
FS Grade 322.916.618.718.711.97.04.3
FS Grade 660.716.
FS Grade 990.
GP Grade 323.413.615.
GP Grade 655.915.
GP Grade 988.15.331.
KZN Grade 329.616.316.515.710.76.74.5
KZN Grade 662.014.511.
KZN Grade 992.43.6210.50.30.1
LP Grade 343.517.715.
LP Grade 678.
LP Grade 997.
MP Grade 340.618.316.
MP Grade 674.612.
MP Grade 9952.
NC Grade 337.915.815.
NC Grade 673.511.
NC Grade 993.33.21.510.50.30.2
NW Grade 344.017.914.811.
NW Grade 673.712.
NW Grade 994.
WC Grade 322.514.115.416.413.49.78.5
WC Grade 654.614.511.
WC Grade 986.
National Grade 331.716.115.915.
National Grade 666.013.510.
National Grade 991.

For a summary of the data, please visit our article showing that most South African students score less than 30% in maths, in grades 3,6 and 9.
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