Municipal Data Hackathon – Johannesburg

Municipal data hackathon focused on Johannesburg. Complaining about Johannesburg service delivery is a suburban trait. The Hack Hackers chapter of Johannesburg is doing something more than just whining – they looking at the available data and through that working out ways to make Johannesburg work. Please register for the event. 

Municipal data matters: from finances to service delivery, the numbers ‬provide infinite story potential. ‪Join us as we hack municipal data on service delivery and then use it to create minimum viable products by the end of the day‬

Paul Berkowitz* from Citydex will deliver the keynote address, Municipal data – gaps in the data and gaps in our knowledge, ‬before we get down to the serious business of brainstorming & coding.

Please fill out our registration form, so that we know which skill sets you’ll be bringing to the hackathon.


9am to 9.30am: Welcome registration and coffee
9.30am to 10am: Paul delivers keynote address
10am to 10.45am: Brainstorming & ideation
Coffee break
11am to 11.30am: Round-up of & voting on ideas; form groups
11am to 1pm: Groups work on projects
1.30pm to 2.30pm: Groups continue to work on projects
2.30pm to 3.30pm: Plenary session and report back

* Paul Berkowitz is a consultant at Citydex (part of Empowerdex), who eats, sleeps & breathes municipal data. In his “free” time, Paul also writes for Daily Maverick.

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