South Africa at China International Fair for Investment and Trade

South Africa at the China International Fair for Investment and Trade.

The Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) will be hosting exhibitions and investment
seminars in Xiamen at CIFIT (China International Fair for Investment and Trade) from 8 – 11
September, Shanghai (10 – 11 September) and Beijing (12 – 13 September). Events will be held concurrently with selected sectors, and applicants should indicate whether their preference
would be to participate at the entire CIFIT or in Shanghai. All applicants will participate in
Beijing. This is an opportunity for South African companies to explore the Chinese market and
gain inroads into Asia.
Entities that wish to be part of the South African business delegation must:

  • Have been in business for at least three years
  • Possess a proven business track record
  • Be competitive in the South African market
  • Be export ready
  • Have exported previously
  • Have the capacity to timeously supply any export orders arising out of the visit
  • Have a valid and current tax clearance certificate
  • Have an investment project (including business plan)
  • Targeted sectors for this event include: Agro-processing, Chemicals, Plastics, Steel, Aluminium,
  • Automotive, Electro-technical, Manufactured Products (Chapter 84), Capital Equipment, Paper
  • and Pulp, Oil and Gas, Energy and Renewable Energy, Infrastructure, ICT, Transport, Mining
  • and Beneficiation.


the dti will offer:

  • Airfare (up to a pre-determined maximum amount)
  • Hotel accommodation (up to a pre-determined amount)
  • Payment of exhibition space
  • Freighting of exhibition material to the exhibition and back to South Africa (up to a pre-determined maximum amount)
  • Exposure to new export markets
  • Business-to-business meetings

Contact Information

Interested companies may obtain applicationforms from:
Mr Oarabile Makhonxa
Tel: 012 394 3745
Fax: 012 394 4745

To submit investment project proposals for participation in the investment seminar, please contact:
Ms Elizabeth Mtshali
Tel: 012
394 1333


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