• Social media week Johannesburg – Black hair, mobile payments and startups

    social media week johannesburg banner

    What is the meaning of social media week Johannesburg? More pertinent, might be the question “What is the meaning of a selfie?” Or “What are the impacts of mobile communication on your friends?” Or even,  “Will social media improve your business? And definitively ” Will social media transform cities for the better?” All important questions, […]

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  • Adii Pienaar Offering 100K and His Time

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    You may not know Adii Pienaar, but he is one of the more interesting entrepreneurs in South Africa. He was co-founder of the highly successful Woothemes, and his “making new mistakes” – setting up a couple of ventures and writing a book. I have followed and participated in these ventures – including a brilliant idea […]

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  • Seed Academy Entrepreneurship Training

    Seed Academy Training - September 2014

    Seed Academy is offering entrepreneurship training and we highly recommend that you apply to attend if you are in the tech space. They are offering sponsored spaces on the highly regarded “Think. Be. Do programme”. The programme is described as follows: During the 10 week programme, Entrepreneurs will be provided with access to rich experiential […]

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  • iKhokha – Payment processing in South Africa


    Payment processing in South Africa is a huge issue for many readers of Zapreneur. As readers of Zapreneur will know, I hardly ever provide space for financial products because I believe that our financial institutions are one of the biggest constraints on small business development. Beyond offering critique, Zapreneur will profile alternatives that offer “something” that […]

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    SA Prototypes

    The Inventors Garage Competition closes for entries on the 20 August 2014  1 September 2014.  This competition is open to everyone across all industries! You can enter your invention / discovery / design / creation / model / prototype as an individual, a company, team or group. The competition has an open category and a […]

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  • Startup Grind and Tech4Afrika Brings Affordable Events to Entrepreneurs


    Startup Grind and Tech4Afrika are doing something useful – bringing down the cost for entrepreneurs to attend high quality conferences and seminars.   Tech4Afrika for instance outlines its mission as:   We think that the best tech ecosystems in the world have regular events which bring together people in tech to learn, meet new people […]

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  • 702 and Cape Talk Small Business Awards

    702 and Cape Talk Small Business Awards

    The 702  and Cape Talk Small Business Awards are looking for awesome and amazing small businesses. If you have experienced great service from a small business, or you feel that they are passionate and determined to achieve tell them about this business. To nominate  Gauteng based 702 awards, can be accessed by clicking here. Western […]

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