Co-operative Incentive Scheme (CIS)

Co-operative Incentive Scheme (CIS)
The Co-operative Incentive Scheme (CIS) is a  90:10 matching cash grant for registered primary co-operatives
(a primary co-operative consists of five or more members
who are historically disadvantaged individuals). The
CIS is an incentive for co-operative enterprises in the
emerging economy to acquire competitive business
development services, and the maximum grant that can
be offered to one co-operative entity under the scheme is
R350 000.
• Promote co-operatives through the provision of a matching grant;
• Improve the viability and competitiveness of co-operative enterprises by lowering the cost of doing business;
• Assist co-operatives to acquire their start-up requirements;
• Build an initial asset base for emerging co-operatives to enable them to leverage other support; and
• Provide an incentive that supports broad-based black economic empowerment.
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Eligible entities
• Incorporated and registered in South Africa in terms of the Co-operatives Act of 2005 (Act No. 14 as amended);
• Operating or will operate in the emerging sector;
• Adhere to co-operatives principles;
• Emerging co-operatives owned by historically disadvantaged individuals;
• Rural and semi-urban based; and
• Biased towards women, youth and people with disability.
Eligible Activities
• Business development services;
• Business profile development;
• Feasibility studies/market research;
• Production efficiency;
• Technological improvement projects;
• Plants and machinery;
• Start-up requirements; and
• Working capital requirements.
For more information on the Co-operative Incentive Scheme, click here.

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