Jobs Fund Update from the MTBPS

The Jobs Fund - National Treasury funds, DBSA implements

Minister Pravin Gordhan provided a couple of details on Jobs Fund launched on the 7 June 2011. In the past five months, there has been a call for applications and a letter send to applicants indicating the process to be followed. Minister Gordhan indicates that 2 651 applications were received in the first call for proposals, with it:

illustrating the demand, innovation and desire across both the private and public sectors to create jobs,

according to Minister Gordhan.

The applications received covered enterprise development, support for work seekers, infrastructure investment and building institutional capacity. The outcome is that projects to the value of R 352 million has been allocated, with the prospect of creating 115 226 jobs.

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1 thought on “Jobs Fund Update from the MTBPS”

  1. planets events application for the jobs fund was submitted with an expansion plan to create jobs.
    In the interim planet events ,a manufacturing enterprise in footwear sector , has embarked on growth plan to equip learners who intend to leave school with the necessary skills so that they would not be turned away . planet events in partnership with the damorasa trade/provacational school in durban have sucessfully introduced a workbased learnership programme with the youth.
    Twelve learners are currently mentored at the factory at Jacobs Kzn. The cost of transport and refreshments are all borne by Planet Events.
    At the end of the programme the learners will be receive a compensation for their effort. in 2012 the programme will kick start again .
    Through this initiative ,we have identified 3 of the learners who will be employed permanently in job creation initiative.All learners completing the programme will receive the appropriate certification.The government /job fund should assist companies in these partnership programme
    with the schools.Planet events is seeking funding
    of this nature and is willing to expand this programme across the footwear sector to train and develop learners for the future.

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