Proudly South Africa – Telling an entrepreneurial story?

Proudly South African Entrepreneurs Chatting to business owners exhibiting at the Buy Local Summit was inspiring. So inspiring that I almost entirely missed the official programme. Dragging myself away from the businesses exhibiting I attended the sessions after lunch. Over three sessions I was left with a distinct sense that the Proudly South Africa...

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What does set asides for South African small businesses tells us about economic policy making?

The Minister of Small Business, Lindiwe Zulu is championing the introduction of set-asides for small business in government procurement by September this year.The proposal is to set aside 30% of all government procurement for small enterprises. However, it is worth remembering that Cabinet on the 7 November 2007 announced a decision to do exactly...

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Automattic Buys WooThemes: Can you replicate the success?

  Automattic, an American company that runs bought South African company called WooThemes for a reported $30 million.  Some statistics speak about the scale of business that WooThemes have built in eight years. Its ecommerce solution, called WooCommerce is estimated to power 24% of all ecommerce websites. This free plugin has been downloaded...

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