Municipal Data Hackathon – Johannesburg

Municipal data hackathon focused on Johannesburg. Complaining about Johannesburg service delivery is a suburban trait. The Hack Hackers chapter of Johannesburg is doing something more than just whining – they looking at the available data …

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The Founder Institute Calling South African Entrepreneurs

The Founder Institute  is currently calling for applications from South African entrepreneurs for it’s accelerator program. It currently is exploring opportunities in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The Founder Institute is a start up accelerator attempting to globalise Silicon Valley. According to the Founder Institute they have launched 750 startups in four years, making them the world’s largest idea stage incubator.
The opportunity that is presented to applicants includes:

  • Training programme; 
  • Mentoring; and
  • Possibility to access funding.

There is a small registration fee to submit an application of $ 50-00 (Around R 500-00) and additional fee of $ 700-00 (Around R 7000-00) to enroll in the course. The details of the funding arrangements and teaching are interesting, and require entrepreneurs to apply their minds across the full programme.

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Step-Up Technology Innovation Competition

The Step-Up Technology Innovation Competition is a national competition to give individuals, groups and businesses – particularly SMEs – the opportunity to have their technology innovations evaluated and, if selected, to be assisted with access to a range of support programmes, including:

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Technology for Women in Business – Award

Since 1998 the Technology for Women in Business (TWIB) an initiative of the DTI has given hundreds of women the opportunity to apply technology to support and grow their
businesses. This has largely contributed towards mainstreaming women’s businesses within the broader SA economy.

TWIB is calling for the 2013/14 Awards nominations. South Africans are invited to nominate women entrepreneurs who systematically use technological innovation and creative know-how for business growth and positive economic impact on the broader economy. These should be in the following three categories:

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